Whats up next

 A Skyphoi


Another Ancient Plate


An Ancient Plate


Tall and Short Ancient Vase


A Drum – not just any drum, its a used drum from a lion dance troop because its so beaten they don’t want it anymore, so I adopted it and made it into a table. I thought it would be fun for our sims to have. yeah, my drum doesn’t have that beautiful phoenix painting on it, just a stretched skin, and it looks boring so I map it with some found design. and the “nails” at the side of the drums also isn’t that big. but it look nice big here… anyway, yeah, what the, is those black dots on the drum-stick the thing that beat the drum. (rofl drumstick) , i went to check in wings and it appears that theres a couple of holes in the cylinder. I wander where it came from, I may have to remode that, holes are a disaster!! they look odds in Sims game.


Tool Caddy


Renovation Time.


this is what I was working on, that was accidentally deleted.




  1. It looks great, its a shame it got deleted!

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